Once again the indomitable force of the (fictitious) Horseshoe Company, Cranleigh Rifles were called upon to deal with an international incident occurring at Long Valley, aP1430332 conveniently located local military training area.  The deployment phase on Saturday afternoon went smoothly, with an enemy ambush holding up our advance but briefly, allowing us to establish an excellent harbour area while it was still light.  Under cover of darkness recce patrols were sent out to locate the enemy positions.  The crisp, starlit night proved excellent for this, with all three patrols managing to locate their objectives and report back to Hugh Phelps and Anna Forrester (Platoon Command) despite the understandably distracting accompaniment of a deep-fried savaloy, courtesy of Capt. Leeke.

What little sleep had been allowed was rudely shattered by the enemy putting in a dawn attack, necessitating withdrawal from our harbour area and some revision of basic infantry tactics up to section-attack level.  Once this was achieved the platoon re-assembled and put in a full-scale deliberate platoon attack on the main enemy base, prior to returning exhausted to school for tea, medals and of course “admin”.

P1430302Congratulations to all forty participating cadets, especially the section commanders and platoon HQ, who all did an excellent job of keeping themselves and their troops motivated during the exercise.  Many thanks to GGB, RGL, SLW, TGL, DCR and EMC for coming out and ensuring everything ran smoothly and safely.