Last year it was snowing; the year before it was freezing; the year before that it was both snowing and freezing!  It was therefore with a certain amount of justifiable trepidation that the Silver participants approached their practice expedition.  However, the weather was absolutely wonderful, giving us perfect sunny walking weather on all three days as we bimbled from school up onto the North Downs and back across Winterfold to school again.  The nights were on the cool side, with only a very light frost toSAHY Silver Practice P1430616 crisp up the grass, making the mornings invigorating rather than chilling.

All six groups did remarkably well despite some curious route planning choices of one team who decided to visit all the check points and not just their allotted ones!  Everyone was in good spirits throughout, the standard of navigation was high and the camps were neat and well organised.

Things are looking optimistic for the assessed expedition to the New Forest after GSCEs.  Fingers crossed for similar good fortune with theSAHY Silver Practice P1430656 weather.

Thanks as ever to GGB, LJJB; STP, LCES, GLG and RSG for supervising the groups with such good humour and helping things run so smoothly.

Head of Outdoor Education