On the Wednesday before Easter two groups set off from Cranleigh to undertake their Gold Practice in the Black Mountains of South Wales.  They were based in The Vale ofSAHY Gold BM P1440669 Ewyas, which, whilst always lovely, was looking particularly Pascal, with spring flowers in full bloom and the valley sides resounding to the bleating of new-born lambs.

The weather was kind, giving wonderful walking conditions, clear views from the Malverns to the Brecon Beacons round through the Elenydd of Mid WalesSAHY Gold BM P1440519 and, despite the odd grey cloud, waterproofs were only needed during rest stops to keep off the chilly wind.

Both groups fared well, working as friendly teams, sticking accurately to their timings and improving the standard of their navigationSAHY Gold BM P1440548 each day.  Lessons were learnt about what kit was not really necessary and the sceptics saw the light about the irritation of kit strapped to the outside of packs!  A few sore feet and aching shoulders were the only downsides to a very enjoyable expedition.  All is set for the tough trek on the assessed expedition after the AS exams.

Many thanks to GLG and AMY for their help and support

Dr Simon Young
Head of Outdoor Education