Due to the exceptionally large number of Gold candidates this year there were two Assessed Expeditions, one to the Lakes and one to Mid Wales.

Having slightly less far to travel the three Welsh groups set off slightly later in the day for the drive alongSAHY Gold Mid Wales_1460228 the M4 corridor, over the Severn Bridge and up past the Black Mountains where they had done their training.  On our eventual arrival at Rhaeadr the groups had plenty of time to set up camp, get organised and start pretending they knew what they were doing before meeting Ash, their Assessor, who then explained what he was going to be looking for and asked each group to talk him through their route for the expedition

The next four days proved to be just as challenging as anticipated, with a few tears,SAHY Gold Mid Wales_1450962 several sore shoulders and lots of blistered feet.  However, the weather was wonderfully kind and on the whole the three groups remained positive and impressed Ash with their navigational skills and desire to look after each other.  Despite the long days and the heavy going across miles of the trackless green wilderness that is the Elenydd, all the groups claimed to have enjoyed the views and the experience (especially when it stopped!)  A particular highlight was the wonderful panorama from the top of Pumlumon which lay at our feet the full sweep of Cardigan Bay from St David’s right up to the terminal islands off the Llyn.

All three teams are to be congratulated on their achievements, completing a serious expedition in a verySAHY Gold Mid Wales_1460208 testing environment.

Head of Outdoor Education