“Severe weather” warnings were in place for the Saturday of the Bronze D of E practice and, indeed, manySAHY Bronze Practice_1450791 of us were woken up by thunder and torrential downpours early that morning.  Fortunately by lunch time, when we were due to set out, the front had blown through and we were blessed with clear blue skies and great walking conditions.  Being the practice trip, the start was a little leisurely, with lots of re-packing and advice on what ‘impendenta’ might conceivably be left behind (rugby balls, litres of mouth wash, pillows, dry shampoo….).  However, fifteen groups eventually left School and made their ways by various routes, intended or otherwise, to the three camps sites we were using.  Some candidates experienced a degree of geographical embarrassment requiring a little help from shadowing staff and one poor group, did not make it into their camp until nearly ten o’clock.

In most cases lessons were learnt (the object of the exercise) and Sunday proved to be a less erraticSAHY Bronze Practice _1450833 navigational experience for all parties concerned.  Once again glorious weather helped maintain high spirits in all the groups.

The trick will now be to remember what was learnt and implement it during the Assessed Expedition due to take place after the end of term.

Head of Outdoor Education