Our final day at Kawama

Our final day at Kawama School was an emotional end to what has been a fantastic week. The murals were finally finished, and they all look beautiful. There are now four classrooms with different designs on them, for example, a sea world, an animal world, a space world and a field of flowers. The wall was completed as well which was important to establish the school and prevent people disturbing the classes.

The afternoon highlight was our football match against Kawama. Blood was shed, sweat poured, and national anthems were sung. However, we were victorious against an opposition that were at least a foot smaller than us. The sun shone as ever and Zambia remained a country full of smiles.

We were very sad to leave at the end of the day as we got on the Pentecostal Holiness Bus with children waving us off and Zambian gospel music in our ears. We were sad to leave our friends but happy to have found such a place full of warmth and optimism.