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After a delayed flight and twenty-seven hours of travelling, we journeyed half way to Kasanka and camped in tranquil surroundings.  After a peaceful night’s sleep, we drove the last few hours to our home for the next two nights.  As soon as we entered Kasanka National Park, it became clear that we were to be lucky enough to experience unbelievable scenery and wonderful hospitality from Bastiaan and his team for the duration of our stay. We were warmly greeted by a bloat of hippos that were very near to our campsite. The next morning, we encountered a variety of animals including puku, sitatunga and elephants. We had a rare opportunity to experience a boat ride in the lower Congo Basin lined with claustrophobic vegetation and full of hungry crocs. We fully embraced the extremely different lifestyle such as washing in outside bucket showers and falling asleep to the sound of wildlife all around us.

During our travels locally, we visited a village where we met children and found out about the area’s farming cooperatives. Here we were able to experience the workers’ daily routine as we harvested maize and helped with its preparation.


Kawama School

After a 10 hour bus journey, due to holiday traffic, our first day at Kawama came bright and early on Tuesday morning. Despite it being a national holiday, it did not stop the appearance of masses of excited children chasing our bus into the grounds and welcoming us with big smiles. The day was jam packed with tasks including painting the bases of the murals, washing the external walls, beginning the foundation of the perimeter wall, and painting the classrooms. The food was excellent and the members of staff were kind and helpful. Overall, it was a very successful day and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Photos of our progress will follow when we have got closer to achieving our goals.