On the 1st of July, more than 80 students set off on their Bronze assessment, wandering around the Surrey countryside in glorious weather.  Easy walking along sun-dappled woodland tracks and open fields meant that the groups were able to focus on enjoying the experience, concerned only with staying hydrated and on the right track!

The groups had clearly benefitted from their practice earlier in the year, with instances of “exploding rucksacks” _1450785syndrome and “Picasso-esk” tents being greatly reduced.

Day two saw the groups up and out of camp very efficiently, helped by the 5am sunrise.  Many found the experience a challenge but congratulations to all who successfully completed the event.

Many thanks to GGB, GLG, RSG, STP, MRJ, HM, DCR, NLO, LECS, TG:L, Abi Dahl, Barney O’Neil, Ben Gasson, Poppy Bathurst, Imogen Terry and Tats St Pier for their supervision and assessment and to the Met Office for such good weather.

DofE Coordinator