After the shock of the previous day’s exploits, similar to that of the the Brazilians, the day began in a more vigorous fashion. Much like the Germans, the work we achieved today was clinical and accurate to the point of perfection. Roughly awoken at 6.45am by Miss Malarone’s (Mallory’s) lively tones the day began as always with a full English breakfast. We travelled by bus to Kawama to arrive for our second greeting by hundreds of kids. Work began in the classrooms; the talent of Cranleigh’s painters really impressed the students, Wendy’s team “The Wanderers” made great progress in painting the classrooms. Jamie (Hemming) and I strived to extend with the great wall surrounding the school and were met with huge progress. Helped by Mr Britt, Wez and countless others, the wall grew at a ferocious rate. Ditches were filled, gravel was moved and netball courts were marked out (Allegra). This was the first time at the school we dined with the kids. This time we ate in the traditional way, scooping the food into our mouths with our hands, it was interesting and difficult. To quote Capt (Retd.) Reedo it was “hotter than the sun” as he burnt his fingers. After lunch, work began again and further progress was made. In my opinion it was a very good day’s work.

Freddy Campbell- Cubitt House