Today was our second day of teaching the students from reception to grade 6. In the morning the babies learnt the different Zambian animals and their sounds. This was greatly amusing and ultimately digressed into a group sing-along of ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’. We also recapped the previous day’s teaching of numbers, colours and body parts, which obviously included a round of heads, shoulders knees and toes. Grades 1-6 consolidated what they had learnt yesterday and concluded their lesson with a Tiki Tiki Tonga chant.
Lunchtime brought beans, nshima and cabbage, which were of course far tastier than the nshima we had had at Cranleigh School last year for Live Below the Line Day! The Cranleigh team then spent an hour being used as a human climbing frame by the children, who particularly enjoyed trying on all the team’s hats and sunglasses.
After playtime the afternoon was spent in more classrooms and touching up on yesterday’s paint job. The kids continued to display their endless enthusiasm for maths, science and English, despite already having a good understanding of the teaching material.
As today was especially hot and we had a staff birthday in the team (- Miss Mitropoulos refused to disclose her age to us!!!) we stopped off at a local Italian gelato shop and purchased various exotic flavoured ice creams. We finished the day practising our dance routines for tomorrow’s Zambian Independence Day, and we are greatly looking forward to the celebrations and another birthday within the team on Saturday.

By Charlie Gilbert and Rosie Mundy