The Cranleigh team were put through their paces today – a day which has proved to be the toughest to date. The team were split up into 3 groups, teaching Maths, English and Science. In each classroom, the children were split into three groups of 15, and therefore were taught all 3 subjects for 20 minutes each, rotating around the classrooms to the various teaching stations. The teaching spanned from basic English vocabulary (for the grade 1 students) to the functioning of the heart (for the grade 6 students). There was also a fourth Cranleigh group who taught the babies and reception class (singing songs, and teaching numbers and parts of the body). This task made us realise the huge difficulty of teaching a class of 45 students, and made us appreciate the class sizes which we have at Cranleigh.
Once we finished teaching the children, the team began doing more practical work; this included dusting down the classrooms, painting new blackboards, as well as painting the new window frames. We also took part in the ‘5 kwacha challenge’. This entailed going to the local market and purchasing an item for 5 kwacha or less which has significance to Zambia and its culture. We, as a group, feel as though this has been the most draining, yet rewarding day of the trip so far – more to come tomorrow! Stay tuned folks.
By Harry Adorian and Orlando Taylor