The Loveday House Play filled the VCT with raucous laughter, giving the audiences an experience to remember.HP131014-7828 The whole play was slick and clearly well-rehearsed which must be attributed not only to the commitment of the actors but to the brilliant directing of Orlando Taylor and Ellie Smith. The excellence with which these plays were selected out of Anton Chekhov’s numerous short plays was obvious, as by theHP131014-7979 end of the evening the audience had encountered everything from an entertaining monologue, hysterical drama, to a silent extravaganza and all rounded off with a ridiculous, energeticHP131014-7891 sense of drama. It was all linked together by Dan Evans and Ben Claxton aided very ably by the supporting actors.HP131014-8013 All four plays made for an hour packed with energy and laughter for a very attentive audience.

Ruth Frett and her team of enthusiastic actors and actresses had the job ofHP131014-8247 directing and putting on what might possibly be the most ambitious House play ever attempted: to re-create Shakespeare’s entire works in under an hour, with a cast ofHP131014-8380 40! The product of undertaking such an enormous task was a fantastic night ofHP131014-8493 comedy, farce and cross-dressing that had the entire VCT in hysterics, as well as covering the majority of the Great Bard’s works with such vigour and energy that we didHP131014-8387 still have an idea as to what was going on: a rare accomplishment.