Aaron Monteverde, a young Gibraltan pianist, took the MMS by storm this week. He played works by Serrat, Campuzano and Rodrigo, as well as his own compositions and arrangements. Much of the music was Flamenco inspired and very Spanish in flavour.

The lyrical ‘Melancolia’ by Campuzano was beautifully crafted, containing some very delicate and dazzling filigreeAaron Monteverde- fingerwork. The ‘Song for Buddha’, Monteverde’s own composition, comprised of a lyricism which evolved into powerful octave and chord passages. The sonority Monteverde achieved in the Rodrigo ‘Concierto de Aranjuez’ was sustained throughout the 45 minute recital. His own ‘Variations on a theme of Paganini’ involved amazing pianistic pyrotechnics, and the style was akin to ‘Great Gate of Kiev’ meets jazz.

The programme grew ever more virtuosic, involving glissandi, thundering chords and octaves and foot stamping. The audience was clearly impressed with the sheer technique of Monteverde and we look forward to his return on Friday 5th December to the Prep School for a piano workshop.

Marie Ward