A small group of sixth formers was invited recently by Beyond Ourselves to travel to St. Joseph’s in the Park Primary School in Hertford to attend the first ever Hertford Youth Conference. Six schools participated and eachIMG_0866 gave a short five minute presentation about their contribution to Beyond Ourselves and other charity work they were doing. They also listened to a very moving speech from Jodie Collins, the director of Beyond Ourselves, which reminded everyone that helping those in need can be done whatever age you are.

This was an enlightening experience which allowed Cranleighans to share our efforts in Zambia with others and inspire other schools to push further in helping charities like Beyond Ourselves. The 5-strong Cranleigh team consisted of Tom Cooper, Rosie Mundy, Tessa Lenselink, Phoebe Osborn, Laura Clark and Christi Radkiewicz. Tom and Rosie spoke about their trip to Zambia, particularly the interviews with families in Kawama and the teaching they were involvedIMG_0900 with. Following this Phoebe and Tessa gave a motivational talk about the money we have raised for Beyond Ourselves and the importance of reaching our target for sponsoring a child.  There was also the opportunity to sell some of the Kawama Krafts products that are made in Kitwe, and in just 10 minutes we had raised around £100!

It was an eye opening day for all, and there will be a further chance to raise awareness for those less fortunate on Live Below the Line Day next week at school.

Christi Radkiewicz and Laura Clark