On November 13th the Loveday House Quiz team (as last year selected intact as the School Quiz team) made the brief journey to Guildford High Street for a double-header of ‘Schools Challenge’. In the first round match, chaired by Regional Organiser Peter Longshaw, the team of Dan Khalupsky, Henri Martin, Callum Job and Joe Mellor were soon 50-130 down against Epsom, but surged on from there to go into the lead by 170 points and emerge victors atLoveday HC 540-430.

And then came PJL’s final School match (chaired by RGS’s Philip Nathan), with hopes of emulating 1988, our only win against this formidable school of quizzers. In fact if the first 12 starters and dependant questions could be ignored, Cranleigh scored 410-360 in the larger part of the contest. However, those first 12 had seen RGS lead 430-50, so, although a loss of 790-460 seems convincing, the Cranleigh team were dogged in staying in the contest and all four put up a good show.