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Cranleigh is delighted with its success at Oxbridge entry this year. Eight students have received offers, five from Oxford and three from Cambridge, where the selection procedures seem to have been heavily reliant on statistical data which has possibly advantaged those making post-A level applications.  The subjects chosen range from Politics to Engineering and include Biochemistry, Chemistry, Geography, Earth Science and Veterinary Medicine, reflecting the breadth of academic excellence at Cranleigh.  These offers are a real triumph for the students concerned and for the teachers who have helped to prepare them for this rigorous selection procedure.

In true Cranleighan fashion four of our post-A Level candidates were in various far-flung corners of the world when they received the good news.  Whilst Karthik Suresh is fulfilling his National Service commitments in Singapore, Sebastian Haddock is currently working as a teaching assistant at a school in Australia and was enjoying a weekend off on Bondi Beach.  Louisa Richards and Hattie Allison were watching the sun rise over Machu Picchu in Peru, following a three day trek to be ‘on top of the world’ in more ways than one!

Full List of Offers:
Max Gwilliam: Chemistry (Keble)
Sebastian Haddock: Biochemistry (Worcester)  Post A Level unconditional offer
Emma Kendall: Geography (Somerville)
Jonathan Stocks: Biochemistry (University)
Tom Stileman: Earth Science (Open) Post A Level unconditional offer

Hattie Allison: HSPS (Politics) (Pembroke) Post A Level unconditional offer
Louisa Richardson: Veterinary Medicine (Magdalene) Post A Level unconditional offer
Kathik Suresh  : Engineering  (Wolfson) Post A Level unconditional offer