06_02_2015_12_51_56_300The School is nearing completion of a seven-year project to refurbish the Chapel. The project started with the removal of the white-wash to return the walls to the original brickwork. The new gallery was then erected and on this the wonderful new Mander organ installed. We are now embarking on the final phase, which involves the removal of the existing floor, installation of under-floor heating and retiling. New oak pews, designed and produced by Luke Hughes, will be installed and the Chapel reopened for September and the start of the 150th anniversary celebrations. The overall effect of the refurbishment will be spectacular; there will be increased light in the building and the full effect of the pillars will be seen for the first time in a century. The new seats and pews will be laid out to the existing collegiate arrangement but there will be scope to move them to face either the altar or organ, enabling the Chapel to be used more often by more people.

We need to dispose of the existing pews and a number of people have expressed an interest in them. We therefore intend to sell the pews on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. A list of the pews, their minimum purchase price and details of the purchase process can be found on the chapel pages for those who are interested.