World renowned historian and broadcaster, Andrew Roberts, returned to his old school last week with a Andrew, Simon and Christian Robertsfascinating presentation on Napoleon. Discussing elements of his latest bestselling book, Napoleon the Great, he delighted a packed Speech Hall with a refreshing new look at the Emperor’s character, including his highly developed, and previously under reported, sense of humour.

Napoleon the Great, described by reviewers as ‘a masterpiece’, was recently awarded the Grand Prix by the Fondation Napoléon, for its meticulously researched presentation of the great general as an attractive Enlightenment leader whose leadership and military lessons are still valuable today.

Mr Roberts said: “My opinion of Napoleon completely changed during the seven years I spent researching and writing about him, reading his personal correspondence and visiting almost all of his sixty battlefields. I now understand him as a determined and fearless leader but also as an incredibly likeable character.”

The softer side of the great dictator will be coming to the small screen soon, as Andrew has just had his book co-opted as a TV series.

“I’m now researching Winston Churchill for my next book and I hope that my opinion of him will not change so dramatically!” he added.