The opening of this year’s Art and Design Exhibitions were as busy as ever as staff, friends and families of UVIth, LVIth and UVth whose work was on display, came to celebrate their creative achievements.

On show in the Art department was a selection of pieces from across the specialist areas of painting, sculpture, printmaking and ceramics. The months of hard work in the studios all seemed worth it as everyone enjoyed a series of stunning exhibits.


Artexhibition2015_22 Artexhibition2015_12 Artexhibition2015_04 Artexhibition2015_21 Artexhibition2015_05

Likewise, the quality of work on display in the Design department was outstanding and the enthusiasm and passion demonstrated by the pupils was truly inspirational. There were demonstrations of cutting edge technology such as 3D printing and computer aided design and manufacture. The exhibition featured all of the GCSE coursework with the theme of ‘flat pack’. The lower sixth pupils were showing off their Bauhaus inspired lamps featuring raw steel and cast concrete but the highlight of the evening was the incredibly advanced work of the upper sixth pupils which included architectural models, modular furniture concepts and sensory lighting, amongst other innovative ideas.


















Both exhibitions remain open until the end of term and can be viewed on Speech Day.