Lower Sixth Artists and Classical Civilisation students joined forces for an exciting History of Art Workshop earlier this week. Alexandra Fielding and Lavinia Harrington (Daughter of an OC)ArtHistory_ArtClassics_Sept15_05 from the Bigger Picture led the afternoon. The theme was the body through the History of Art. Pupils were given an overview of how the human form, as viewed through art, can give insights into artists, their times and their cultures. Collaborative work on how to analyse images, and the discussion of ideas raised in small groups, were all part of the afternoon. The Lower Sixth artists are starting project work around the theme ‘Imaging the body’ while Classical Civilisation students start a 2 term module on Greek and Roman figure sculpture, so the workshop made a for a hugely stimulating introduction.ArtHistory_ArtClassics_Sept15_02

James Nairne and Athina Mitropoulos