The Junior Music Scholars’ Concert signals the beginning of a five-year journey for Cranleigh’s youngest musicians, and it also serves as a performance placed early enough in the term to ensure thatJunior Music Scholars_ Concert_20597 all the Scholars make a positive start to the academic year. The six new Fourth Form Scholars; George Chilcott (saxophone), Lina Mazzone (piano), Francesca D’Agata (voice), Jasmine Davis and Kate Wili (flutes), and William Grainger (euphonium) each gave excellent performances, showing not only the musical potential that had won them their scholarships some nine months ago, but also a level of preparation that suggested they had practised hard over the summer.

Music Scholars from the two fifth form year groups showcased the developmental strides they have taken over the past couple of years; there were thoughtful and sensitive performances given by all, and in a range of repertoire that extended from Mozart to Gershwin. It was particularly pleasing to see the growing confidence on stage of these young performers, many of whom play with maturity beyond their years, and an obvious enjoyment in the art of performing. That they are willing to tackle works as demanding as a Mozart Concerto movement, sonatas by Mozart, Brahms and Schubert, or Janacek’s piano music, illustrates a pleasing level of discipline, and they will learn much from these early engagements with the great composers.

Richard Saxel
Head of Performance