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After another early start, and a cracking full English brekkie, Renwick and his “banter bus” shuttled us off to Kawama for our second day of teaching. Today there were also many tasks to do, ranging from team building with Grade 7 (including games like Pictionary and obstacle courses) and preparing lunch for the children – stirring the enshima proved to be a “real challenge” (quote Tom Chesterman). One group also participated in the 10 kwacha market challenge, and another did some more weaving with the younger children. All in all, it was a successful morning and a delight teaching the unfailingly enthusiastic children.


However, the main event we were all looking forward to happened this afternoon – the infamous, gruelling and physically intense football matches: ZAMBIA vs. ENGLAND. The girls kicked off (no pun intended), with Amy Mitch and Christi Rad leading the pack with some mind-blowing dribbling skills. Even though it was quickly apparent that the girls were not football pros, to put it politely, Ellie did score a cracking goal in the second half, tearing down half the pitch and slamming the ball into the top corner. Unfortunately, in the last 30 seconds of the match, our goalie Miss Sturdee, who only had one job, let in a goal which resulted in a 1-1 draw (although she definitely redeemed herself by buying us ice creams on the way home). It was then the boys’ turn, who were desperate for a win after an embarrassing defeat at Janna school on Monday. Quickly Rev Lewis proved himself to be the man of the match, with some unbelievable skills and a cheeky goal in the first 5 minutes. Despite Kawama scoring an equaliser, another beautiful set up from Omari and the Rev led to Richard scoring the winning goal!
Overall, it was another tiring yet fantastic day in Zambia.
Written by Ben Gill and Ellie Williamson