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The 22nd May 2016 will be a date that will remain in the minds of the rugby club at the School for a very long time.  After winning the 2016hq4 National Sevens title at Rosslyn Park, the 1st team were invited to play an exhibition match against Harrow at Twickenham as part of the HSBC World 7’s Series.

This meant the squad got to play straight after the semi-final between South Africa and Fiji in front of a sold out event, as well as receive team talks from world rugby stars George Gregan and Brain O’Driscoll. The experience was amazing with so many colleagues, pupils, friends and families joining the thousands there in the crowd.

hqThe squad was led by Ben Sackey and Ed Russell and involved all the boys who had helped the School win their first ever national rugby title in March with Dino Lamb-Cona, Robin Masters, Alex Gook, George Macdonald, Omari Stafford-Davies and Richard Eamey  playing their final games before leaving the School at the end of this term.

Andrew Houston (Director of Rugby) said, “It was an amazing day and something we are all so very proud of at the School. To stand there inhq3 the tunnel and run out in front of such a large crowd was truly breathtaking. This group of players have achieved things very few outside of the group would have felt possible and I am so very proud of them. They have trained so hard and alongside the XV’s season have won 83% of the matches played, beating the likes of Wellington and Millfield. They have fully deserved this and I will not forget this moment.”

Andrew Houston
Director of Rugby

Sevens Twickenham v Harrow, May 22 2016

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