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Hooray! Some decent weather at last!  Right after Speech Day seventy members of the LVth gathered on the South Lawn and, despite end ofSAHY Bronze D of E_1570105 term fatigue, set off to their various overnight destinations in good spirits.  Things had improved significantly since the practice expedition; navigation was of a much higher standard and no-one ended up having to spend an ancillary night in my garden.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the balmy summer evening at their camp-sites, and a friendly, relaxed time was just the thing to round off the Summer Term.  Some participants even claimed to have enjoyed the walking!

The following day dawned just as fair and well-disposed, with the beautiful mist draping the woodland of the Weald soonSAHY Bronze D of E_1570185 burning off to give extensive vistas all the way down to the South Downs – England at her most beautiful. All that was missing was Vaughn Williams incidental music.

All groups made it back in to School in good time and as a bonus managed to get the last of the kit dried andSAHY Bronze D of E_1570110 returned to stores just as a short, sharp shower rolled over the horizon.

Hopefully this positive experience will encourage many of the participants to get out into the hills to enjoy some walking over the summer and also to enrol on the Silver Programme as they enter the UVth.SAHY Bronze D of E_1570191

Dr Simon AH Young
Head of Outdoor Education