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The first of this year’s Tom Avery Society lectures was delivered by the home team reporting back on their fantastic experiences andsummit-photo achievements over the summer, whilst on Expedition in the Himalaya of northern India.

Mr Jenkins set the scene, explaining the goals of the trip and what the objectives were, as set by the group. Equally importantly, he also explained why expeditions are so important from a personal growth and development point of view.

Other team members, including the co-leader Mrs Bukowska , then went on to discuss various aspects of the trip, giving a full and well-illustrated flavour of all the highs and lows experienced and the numerous challenges that had to be faced and overcome.

Questions developed along indelicately scatological lines, before the meeting finally broke up in mild chaos and general mirth.

In next term’s lecture we will be hearing from Angus Young, who will be describing his solo trip by bike across central Asia.

Simon Young
Head of Outdoor Education