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Kawama – Day 5

The day began with our usual early start. After a quick briefing from Mr Barker, we headed off for another busy day at Kawama School. Throughout the day, groups helped with the feeding program, ‘taught’ (but mainly learned!) arts and crafts, visited Kamatipa, another local school, and completed the interviews for children who had missed yesterday’s event; by the end of the afternoon we were all hot and exhausted.

Kawama’s progress was really highlighted when the groups went to visit Kamatipa School, which provided a good example of where Kawama might have started its journey with Beyond Ourselves. We were especially overwhelmed when the pastor explained that the he had 60 pupils and only one teacher, who was teaching four classes simultaneously in the only room of the school!

Two groups helped to cook the staple food, nshima, which was surprisingly nice, given that its consistency and appearance resembles polyfilla! We all wolfed it down. However, when the time came to feed the children we were not expecting the limitations on portion size and it made the privilege of serving the food a bit of an emotional ordeal.

Another first for the trip was utilising plastic bags to make intricate skipping ropes which seemed to show great initiative given the effect that littering has on this environment. We also put our burgeoning sewing skills to good use making rag dolls with the children. Whilst there may have been an element of Picasso-esque perspective in our finished articles, we believe the reception kids will love playing with them despite their unique appearance….

We finished the day with an eventful evening hearing from and quizzing local Zambian friends who helped us understand a little more of Zambia from a wider perspective and the challenges and issues the country faces as a developing nation.


One of the teachers, Given, trialling one of the skipping ropes.


Pupils queuing for lunch.


Craft lesson with Grade 6.