Portrait Photo of Adele Worsley


Mrs A W WorsleyBSc, PGCE

Mrs Adele Worseley is Housemistress of West and also teaches Mathematics. Having read Mathematics at Bristol, Mrs Worsley went on to complete a PGCSE at Oxford before beginning her teaching career at Monkton Combe School. Prior to Cranleigh she enjoyed roles including Head of Netball, Deputy Head of Mathematics, and Housemistress at Kingston Grammar, Dauntseys and Marlborough College.


Resident Deputy Housemistress

Mrs A C SmutsBSc, GTP

Non-resident Assistant Housemistress

Miss M Williams


Mrs C A Casson

West Matron

Mrs D C Cripp

West Matron


Mrs K J Flack

Head of Learning Support

Ms L A Hellberg

Art Teacher

Mrs A E Reader

Head of Careers

Mrs A C Smuts

Deputy Housemistress

Miss M Williams

Graduate Assistant in English

Miss J R Wise

Teacher of Classics

Mr M A Worsley

BS & Economics Teacher

Mrs U C Yardley

Head of German