During October half term, our team of 18 students and four teachers visited Zambia. This trip was all about taking in another culture and being able to learn how a completely part of the world functions and then comparing that to how we live our own lives. While out there we conducted interviews with the children of two different schools, Kawama and Greater Joy School. This is where we as a group felt we learnt the most. We felt it incredibly helpful having a period of reflection for 30 minutes as a group at the end of the day. This gave us the time to really appreciate everything we have whilst being able to reflect on what we had learnt during the day.

We were all moved in multiple different ways by what we experienced out in Zambia, including their gratitude for the smallest things. It is amazing how one place, 5068 miles away can have such a big impact on our lives, and although this completely different world will never get closer, the things we experienced and learnt will stay with us for life.