In line with the principles of Cranleigh Giving, Cranleigh encourages pupils to think beyond themselves. Social purpose is a central feature of its ethos and activity.

Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Prep School are committed to sharing resources and mutual sharing of expertise to improve the educational outcomes of children and young people wherever they are based. It is seeking to deepen and expand its commitment to local partnerships and local access to Cranleigh Schools’ facilities.

Experience from the Schools’ Foundation and bursary programme has demonstrated that the presence of students from a diverse range of backgrounds makes a meaningful difference to all students at Cranleigh as they learn from and understand each other.

Cranleigh School and Cranleigh Prep School will primarily demonstrate social purpose and public benefit through:

  • the education of Cranleighans who learn to think beyond themselves as socially responsible global citizens;
  • through its various partnership activities with maintained sector schools and other educational and young people’s activity providers;
  • through pupil voluntary action, charitable fundraising and partnerships locally and internationally;
  • by increasing the range of opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds to access Cranleigh.

In order to support its aspiration to increase the range of opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds, it will:

  • raise £10m for the Cranleigh Foundation to produce an endowment to support 10 Foundationers in perpetuity;
  • generate an annual income of £2.5million from sources other than fees to cover bursary provision. This, together with the Foundation, will enable 5% of students to be on fully-funded bursaries; and a further 10% of students on 50% fee remission, all supported by income other than fee income.

Our culture of Cranleigh Thinking means learning to think for yourself and discover the richness that comes from questioning, exploring and looking a little deeper at the wonders of the world and our place in it.

— Dr John Taylor, Director of Learning, Teaching & Innovation

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