Our Ivy House Award is designed to prepare students for a life of leadership. Developed by Elke Edwards, a leading corporate trainer, it helps to ensure Cranleighans have the skills, knowledge and emotional intelligence to become outstanding leaders, should they so wish.

The gold-standard programme is taught over 20 sessions in the Lower Sixth. Students learn about themselves, set their life goals, understand what critical skills they need to achieve them and receive practical mentoring in the first steps of the journey.

It includes conversation-based lessons on interpersonal skills, resilience, accountability and emotional intelligence. Although the programme isn’t assessed formally, it requires students to reflect on their own progress at each stage of the course; a key element of effective leadership. The better our students know themselves and how they relate to others, the better they will be equipped to lead their own life and make choices about their future either in their school life or in the workplace.

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