Prefects play an important role in the structure of Cranleigh School. As a community of individuals, it is important for us to ensure every voice is heard. Prefects are central to this and they are tasked with acting as the voice of the students with Cranleigh’s senior leadership.

Naturally, Prefects are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour, attitude and appearance at all times. However, we recognise that being a role model for students isn’t simply about following the rules, and Prefects are encouraged to model the Cranleigh values of Thinking, Being and Giving. Leadership takes many forms, and we want our Prefects to challenge convention, speak freely and champion projects if they are likely to make the student experience better for Cranleighans.

Our current Prefects are: Ozzy L. & Lauren B.

Our aim was to act as a transparent channel for students to pass their feedback onto Senior Management. In this way we hope we made it easier for Cranleighans to turn their ideas into reality as well as creating a more inclusive environment where all voices are heard.

— Kasim S. & Skye B - Former Senior Prefects

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