The Extended Project Qualification is loved by universities and loved by us. Designed to develop and highlight skills in independent learning and research, the EPQ is equivalent to half an A-Level or 29 UCAS points and more and more Cranleighans are now receiving university offers because of their projects. Dr John Taylor, who helped to devise and develop the EPQ, is our Director of Teaching and Learning and a Chief Examiner.

Students can choose from four types of project: writing a dissertation, carrying out an investigation, giving a performance or creating an artefact. This allows students to tailor their work around their talents and interests.

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The University of Southampton was the first to introduce an alternative offer scheme for applicants who excel in the EPQ…This additional offer reflects our confidence in the EPQ as an excellent preparation for the kinds of independent study necessary for students to succeed at a research intensive university such as Southampton.

— The University of Southampton

An EPQ can benefit your application as applicants who take the EPQ and meet our offer criteria will be made the standard offer for their course, plus an alternative offer which will be one grade lower plus a grade A in the EPQ (though please note that this excludes our Medicine (A100) and Dentistry (A200) courses).

— University of Birmingham

We welcome the Extended Project and would encourage applicants to undertake one as it will help to develop independent study and research skills valuable for higher education.

— University of Cambridge


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