Cranleigh International is the term ascribed to Cranleigh’s portfolio of schools located in other countries around the world. Our UK based Cranleigh International office oversees quality assurance, brand consistency and executive governance participation in each school, as well as stimulating vital inter-school linkages at all levels of operation. The Cranleigh International team is comprised of bespoke Cranleigh International staff and school governors who work in close association with the schools’ leadership teams, as well as external commercial and government advisors.


educated at Cranleigh Abu Dhabi over two sites.

Opening Soon

Cranleigh Bahrain will be our 2 nd school with Aldar Education in the Middle East.

Cranleigh China School portfolio

Where we are

Cranleigh International encompasses a portfolio of four schools with a fifth opening shortly; three schools in China (Cranleigh Chengdu, Cranleigh Changsha and Cranleigh Wuhan), Cranleigh Abu Dhabi and Cranleigh Bahrain (Opening soon). Our international schools have rapidly risen to achieve top global rankings not only in academia and university placements but also, aligned to the Cranleigh motto Ex-Cultu Robur (From Culture Comes Strength), in providing outstanding student development opportunities and serving the communities the schools are located in. Innovation, leadership, human enrichment and community engagement are at the heart of the Cranleigh education model. Cranleigh International has built a globally recognised reputation for delivering outstanding international schools, not through rapid growth, but as a result of developing strong trust-based relationships with carefully chosen partners in each country. We are experienced and successful in setting up school operating companies and place high value upon embedding our schools in their local communities whilst leveraging the support and connection opportunities afforded by being part of an authentic international family of schools. This is what we aspire to bring to Japan.

What Is The Value Of Cranleigh International?

There are multiple benefits for all of Cranleigh’s stakeholders to developing and prudently growing an international portfolio of schools. Income returned to Cranleigh UK is a meaningful and increasingly significant tool in diversifying income away from school fee reliance. Cranleigh International income is also a vital contributor to our social purpose mission directly feeding into the Cranleigh Foundation.

At Cranleigh’s schools in the UK and abroad we aspire to develop students who are readied for global citizenship and empowered by an understanding, tolerance and collaboration between cultures their education has given them. The Cranleigh International network lends students the opportunity to collaborate, compete, engage or socialise in-person or remotely with students in different cultures. For our teachers, the professional development opportunities Cranleigh International offers them are rich and career enhancing.

Why partner with Cranleigh International

From International Development Director, Mr James Dale-Adcock

Cranleigh’s strength has always been its community. This began with the opening of a school for the local farming community in the Surrey borders in 1865 and now our community is local, regional, national and international but the desire to connect and support one another remains the same. Our school motto ‘Ex Cultu Robur’ (from culture comes strength) also remains relevant and central to students’ education today in the UK, Abu Dhabi and China. Whichever Cranleigh School campus in the world they attend, a Cranleigh student will enjoy opportunities to develop their character through diverse co-curricular programmes and they will learn the value of service, relationships, leadership and excellence. Connecting students through collaboration projects, competitions, exchanges and visits between the Cranleigh Family of Schools is an important vehicle for helping develop global perspectives on issues which will shape all our students’ futures. Staff also are benefitting from opportunities for professional growth, working together across the schools to develop progressive educational thinking and share good practice and resources. Cranleigh’s Governors and the leadership teams at Aldar Education in Abu Dhabi and Cogdel Education in China, recognise the value of working together at all levels across the organisations to continue to deliver world class education for every Cranleigh student.


Cranleigh China Wuhan opened.

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Cranleigh Abu Dhabi

Cranleigh China Changsha

Cranleigh China Wuhan

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