Excellence Awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions)

Cranleigh offers a range of scholarships at 11+, 13+ and 16+. If you are interested in applying for a Scholarship at Cranleigh, please download our booklet Scholarship and Bursaries (478 KB) , which covers specific application criteria.

Depending on year of entry, these may include: Academic; Art; Design; Drama; Music (instrumental and vocal); Sport and Headmaster’s Award. To gain an award candidates must demonstrate excellence in their chosen field and show exceptional promise. The number of awards each year will depend on the quality of entry.

Scholarships at 11+, 13+ and 16+ attract a fee remission and may be supplemented by means tested top-up bursaries where necessary and appropriate. The top Academic Award and top Headmaster’s Award at 13+ entry will each be awarded a remission of one-third of the total fees. No more than two separate Scholarships may be applied for simultaneously (in addition to an Academic Scholarship).

13+ Scholarships

Scholarship candidates must be over twelve and under fourteen years of age on the 1st of September in their chosen year of entry to the school.

All applications must be endorsed by the candidate’s current prep school Head.

13+ Scholarship Application Forms

16+ Scholarships

16+ Scholarships are awarded for Academic, Music, Art and Sport (EAA). To gain an award at 16+ candidates must demonstrate excellence in their chosen field.

All Scholarship candidates will be expected to attend for interviews and assessments on 8 November 2022 for September 2023 entry. Candidates for Academic Scholarships will be involved in a discussion group and interviewed by the Master of the Scholars. Art Scholarship candidates will be required to submit a portfolio and take part in a further assessment session and Music candidates (who will be Grade 7/8 standard) will be required to prepare an audition. Those applying for an Eric Abbott Award for Sporting Excellence will be invited to come back to the School to join an appropriate sports training session following a successful interview and academic assessment.

Deadline for Scholarship applications for entry in September 2023 is 21 October 2022.
If a top-up Bursary is being applied for alongside a Scholarship you should contact the Admissions Office for details: the Bursary application should be made at the same time as the Scholarship application.

16+ Scholarship Application Forms


Internal eric abbott awards (EAA)

Internal EAA

For current pupils, internal EAA scholarship awards are normally made at the end of the Fourth Form year or when moving into the Sixth Form.  In exceptional cases an EAA may be awarded outside of these times as a reward for excellence in their sport.

The expectation is that the pupil is playing or close to playing at a national level/standard. Potential recipients must demonstrate excellence in their chosen sport in addition to showing evidence of good athleticism, an excellent work ethic and a strong desire to listen and learn. Potential recipients will have an interview with the Director of Sport before a final decision is made. Parents of potential candidates will be contacted in advance of the interview.

Sixth Form Internal EAA

Internal Eric Abbott Awards are a recognition of sporting excellence at the highest level. Recipients must have demonstrated across the last three years excellence in their chosen sport (near National Standard). In addition, they will show evidence of excellence in athleticism, work ethic and a strong desire to be a superb role model within the School’s sports programme. The recommendations process will be initiated by the Director of Sport in the Michaelmas term of the Upper Fifth, with nominations from the Head / Director of each sport. Potential recipients will have an interview with the Director of Sport before a final decision is made. Parents of potential candidates will be contacted in advance of the interview.

All Eric Abbott Award holders are expected to take a full and active role in School sport and to be active contributors to the development of their peers in addition to pursuing their own performance goals.


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