Cranleigh aims to educate children in a truly holistic sense, providing every opportunity for pupils to discover and nurture their talents and passions. We want every pupil in our care to flourish. Above all, we want Cranleighans to go out into the world as Thinking, Being, Giving individuals.

  • Thinking: reflects our style of teaching which aims to provide pupils with a questioning mindset and the skills to think and problem solve.
  • Being: is who we are and how we are. Our culture aims to nurture in pupils the core human qualities that enable communities to thrive and support one another
  • Giving: is our hope that Cranleighans grow to recognise their privilege and go out into the world ready to give back and help to create meaningful change.

"As our footprint across the world grows, I never want us to lose sight of our core values and ethos. A Cranleigh education, wherever it is received, is about nurturing the mind, heart and spirit, and our schools must be dynamic, soulful places that inspire our students to always give their all and to always give back. If we succeed in this endeavour, then we will have played our part in making the world a better place."

— Martin Reader, Head

Our core values of service, leadership, relationships and excellence underpin all elements of boarding life and education. In the classroom, on the sports field, in the rehearsal studios and creative spaces, we uphold a desire to nurture students with a sense of self-belief supported by a strong moral compass.

Amazing opportunities for sport, art, drama and musical theatre mixed in with a healthy balance of academics.

School Notices

The paired houses provide that sense of family and togetherness that makes the school special.

Simon Bird, Deputy Head

For the next generation of adults, being empathic towards one another will be key to tackling some of the extreme ideals and opinions that are having a negative impact on the world we live in.

Dr Andrea Saxel, Deputy Head Pastoral

Co-Education with Dr Andrea Saxel & Mr Simon Bird


We encourage an attitude of service to each other and to our wider community. We recognise our privileges and our responsibility to give back.


We foster strong relationships in our inclusive boarding community. We believe children flourish in safe, supportive environments.


We nurture a spirit of openness, integrity and thoroughness in everything we do, equipping Cranleighans with the knowledge and skills to make a mark on the world. We endeavour to be viewed as leaders in holistic boarding education.


We strive for excellence in everything we do, and aspire to be recognised for our educational vision and the personal qualities of our students.

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