A Cranleighan is recognisable by their knowledge and ambition, their confidence and compassion, their integrity and resilience, and their love of life.

It is a great honour to be Head of Cranleigh. Since 1865, our students have sewn themselves into a global fabric of excellence, showcasing their abilities across a wide range of fields. Whilst our history is full of success stories, our focus is firmly on the future and we are fully committed to preparing young people for the challenges they will face beyond our gates.

We are renowned for our academic culture and our results. Whilst our outcomes at GCSE and A-level are as good as they have ever been, we are proudly a school where children of all abilities flourish. Alongside our broad curriculum is an engaging enrichment programme Cranleigh Thinking; designed to extend thinking beyond the confines of exam syllabuses and develop intellectual curiosity in all.

Welcome from the Head

Our vision for Cranleigh begins with the lives and futures of Cranleighans. We express our vision through the three pillars of Cranleigh Thinking, Cranleigh Being and Cranleigh Giving.

Cranleigh Thinking is thinking beyond the test; Cranleigh Being is about who we are and how we are in the world, putting welfare at the heart; Cranleigh Giving is thinking beyond ourselves. Ultimately those who flourish, serve and lead in the future will be thinking, being, giving people.

At the heart of a Cranleigh education is the breadth of our offer. On the sports field, we excel, and sit comfortably amongst the finest schools in the land. In the concert hall, our musicians never fail to deliver exceptional performances of classical, jazz and popular music, and in the theatre, where pupils continue our great dramatic tradition. In short, Cranleigh is a school where all talents and interests flourish.

Choosing a school is no easy task, but when you visit Cranleigh I am confident that you will find a school brimming with ingenuity and ambition.

I look forward to meeting you soon and showing you everything that this wonderful school has to offer.

Mr Martin Reader, Head


Mr Martin Reader has announced his intention to retire in Summer 2024. The School has appointed Mrs Samantha Price to be its next Head.

Current Headmistress of Benenden School, she is a prominent figure in boarding education and a leading voice of support for young people. A figurehead for girls’ education in particular, last year she was President of the Girls’ Schools Association and listed as one of the UK’s best Headteachers by the Times Educational Supplement.

Mrs Price will join Cranleigh in September 2024, following a decade at the helm of Benenden. Her vision for education closely allies with Cranleigh’s ethos of inquiry based, collaborative learning with a focus on future skills and excellence in co-curricular as well as academics.

Mrs Price spoke to parents at Cranleigh on 29th November, a video of that talk appears below.

Chair of the Governing Body, Mr Adrian Lajtha

Talk from Sam Price

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