Each commercial arrangement with a partner to establish and operate a Cranleigh International school, or chain of Cranleigh International schools, varies in precise detail but will always be based on authentic, comprehensive, tailored and sustained support derived from the Cranleigh International team and its network of existing Cranleigh International Schools.

Typical benefits and services can be broken down into three categories:

Brand recognition and integrated support for school foundation

The Cranleigh name carries a reputation for outstanding education in the UK, within Cranleigh International’s global
portfolio of schools and beyond. Capitalising on the power of the brand is a key benefit for partners but, critically, it
is the phased support services provided by Cranleigh International which ensure each school is a remarkable success,
which starts with school foundation. Examples of services and contributions include:

  • Steering feasibility, due diligence and market analysis work in collaboration with our partners.
  • Project advocacy through British embassy, government and commerce relationships with Cranleigh.
  • Evolving intelligent and targeted school marketing strategies in location with our partners.
  • Foundation leadership team recruitment using resources available throughout the Cranleigh International network of schools, including the UK base.
  • Working with architects to deliver bespoke Cranleigh International schools fit to be centres of global excellence.
  • Start-up curriculum establishment and intellectual property provision to support initial student qualification attainment.
  • Tailored advice to promote the Cranleigh ethos and co-curricular structures from school inception.
  • IT infrastructure modelling and engagement with local education regulators.

Cranleigh International schools network leverage

A bespoke, top-of market, network of schools provides education partners with access to a range of Cranleigh International networks centred around best practice, education innovation and support services. These include:

  • Cranleigh International schools’ connected staff recruiting systems ensure quality recruitment, career development for the best teachers and a residual talent pool to draw upon for succession management.
  • The Cranleigh International office, based in Cranleigh’s UK school, provides a centre for leadership recruitment, induction, training and hosting our partners and associated dignitaries.
  • Our school sites across the globe, including the UK school, are available for summer school letting.
  • A dynamic and varied range of cross-schools student interaction structures are available to tap into including collaborative projects, student exchange programmes and competitions.
  • School leaders and managers can access cross-schools professional development groups led by Cranleigh International promoting shared practice with academic and wellbeing focus areas.
  • Cranleigh International leads focus groups across its network of schools examining horizoning pedagogical themes and education innovation which enriches all stakeholders.

Quality assurance delivered by the Cranleigh International executive team

Potential partners can rest assured that Cranleigh International’s executive team, alongside their partners, play an active and integrated role in quality assurance and service enhancement at each Cranleigh International School. This includes:

  • Quarterly in-person Cranleigh International visits to each school to perform formal and informal relationship building.
  • Sitting as equal partners on the boards of each school to provide appropriate brand quality steering and oversight.
  • Performing in-depth audits tailored to each school’s strategic development plan.
  • Leading Principal recruitment for each school, in tandem with partners, to ensure outstanding succession management.
  • Supporting schools and their leadership teams to achieve globally recognised kite-mark certifications in education.
  • Providing an open channel for strategic work flows with each partner to help maximise the potential of each school.
  • Leaning into growth opportunities with each partner to capitalise on regional brand visibility and make use of centralised commercial and educational benefits.

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