Anti-Racism Statement

Our commitment

Racism must be fought by everyone. By committing to being an anti-racist school we commit to addressing all forms of systemic inequalities, disadvantage and discrimination. We recognise that racism can be subtle and unconscious.

To truly tackle racism, we must scrutinise our environment, listen to others, recognise our privilege and commit to genuine change. We commit to approaching our journey with humility, respect and action. Cranleigh is dedicated to providing an education and a community that supports the flourishing of people from every ethnic background.

Our journey

We recognise that to address systemic racism we must champion a cultural change in our school and in our wider community. Below are actions that we have already taken or which have been initiated. We understand that we must never be complacent but continually drive progress in our commitment to being an anti-racist school.

We have:

  • Agreed a student pledge to BeTheChange, which all pupils sign
  • Developed anti-racist education as part of our ongoing PSHE curriculum
  • Developed anti-racist education as part of our ongoing staff training
  • Appointed an Agent for Change to help us through the initial stages of our journey
  • Engaged Flair to conduct an Impact Survey that will benchmark our culture and inform our actions moving forwards
  • Partnered with Black Lives in Music through Diversity Certified Membership
  • Begun the process of de-colonising our curriculum to ensure that every subject reflects its true diversity and is taught from a perspective that recognises that subject’s global nature

We will:

  • Ensure that we reflect the diversity of all our pupils and staff
  • Review and improve our HR processes to ensure equity across our recruitment and progression opportunities.
  • Model change through the appointment of an EDI Lead, an International Student Co-ordinator and an EAL Lead
  • Drive progress through our EDI group
  • Diversity and decolonise our curriculum through academic professional development
  • Embed anti-racism, unconscious bias and cultural appropriation training within Student Union activity and leadership training
  • Improve our classroom culture so that our learning environments are equitable spaces for all students to learn about race and culture
  • Strive towards greater diversity within our staff at all levels and within our student body. We recognise that there is work to do to increase representation and progression opportunities across our board, committees and within our staff profile
  • Accelerate our Unconscious Bias training for all staff, providing separate training on race

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