On Monday 8th April the team met at the OEC, checked kit, re-packed and loaded onto the bus before making our way to the black mountains.

Once we arrived at the campsite in the village of Capel-y-ffin, tents were put up and we used the low fog to practice night navigation, covering bearings, timings and using each other as features in the bad visibility. All got to grips with the compasses and got their heads into the maps. By the end of the walk all had learnt a bit more about contours and the shape of the land in relation to the map.

On day 2 the students navigated the bus to the drop off point and as the rain came down the team headed up onto the main ridge. At the high point, Waun Fach, the weather was against them. They had a group conversation about getting off the hills and escaping into the valley (the pre-arranged escape route). They decided to carry on to meet Captain Money and Jay having put lessons learned the previous day into practise, grateful they had exchanged some waterproofs for School issued ones.

The next morning started cold and misty but soon broke into a lovely sunny day; waterproofs were swapped for sun cream and all really enjoyed the walk with wonderful views of South Wales. The last campsite was at Chapel farm next to the ruined Priory in Llanthony. A few other schools were sharing the campsite, but the Cranleigh team as a very efficient team among the others.

Day 4, the final day, the group woke up to ice covered tents and temperatures of minus 4. As they got breakfast sorted they could see the sun creeping down the hills into the valley, and that it was going to be a beautiful day. All made it to the pick-up point with a great sense of achievement and cakes provided by Jay.

Congratulations to the team, Mia, Katie, Henry, Amelie and Hebe who all worked very hard and all learnt a great deal – well done!