On Tuesday 26th November BTEC sports took a trip to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground to gain insight to the logistics of the club and staff, as well as the financial and business relations of the club.

Once we had arrived at the training ground we were introduced to a variety of people who gave us an insight on what they do in their line of work. We were informed about how they managed their sponsors as well as their academy teams ranging from U9s to U23s.

We learnt about Vitality, a health insurance company who are a major sponsor at in Chelsea FC. Not only does Vitality sponsor the men’s team; but they are also extremely orientated in sponsoring women’s sport.

Throughout the trip, the group had multiple lectures where staff members explained how they secured their roles within the football club. They then went on to explain more about each of their departments. This overview consists of jobs such as performance education, nutritionists, data analytics, strength trainers, athletic preparation and individual trainers.

We were then fortunate enough to be toured by the U16s coach who used to work with the

Watford 1st team. The training ground consisted of thirty-two acres and thirty-two football pitches, the academy involved different squads of boys from the ages of 8-23; there are some full-time players who are on scholarships at Chelsea who also do all of their studies there. We were shown around the academy building followed by “The Arena.” This is a large indoor open area which consisted of a gym and 4G Astro.

Overall it was a great experience and I think we all thoroughly enjoyed it.