UV_TateModern_30-9-14_004The afternoon sunshine made the Upper Fifth trip to Tate Modern as pleasurable as it could have been, helped by Cranleighian’s exemplary behaviour and hard work. “Journeys” is their current project theme and as 43 pupils and 4 staff piled into the Gastonia coach just before eleven we were looking forward to the day ahead. Staff and pupils had prepared well with website research, practice drawing and writing attempted in the preceding lessons.

UV_TateModern_30-9-14_001The first hour and half was spent in the gallery displays finding and drawing from the artwork we’d looked up on the Tate website. It was pleasing to see the work first hand, really understand how they were made and how size affects their impact on us as a viewer. After making notes and drawing in the gallery one group went over the Millennium bridge to St UV_TateModern_30-9-14_003Paul’s while the other 3 groups walked, photographed and drew in the sunshine on the south side. We journeyed down the Bankside embankment towards the reconstructed Golden Hinde galleon before returning home. The material gathered and seen will make excellent starting points for the rest of this term’s work.