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On the last Monday of term, despite being short of the UVIth and UVth, the girls of West congregated in the appropriately…

On the last Monday of term, despite being short of the UVIth and UVth, the girls of West congregated in the appropriately pink decorated common room for the annual House music evening. The evening sought talent from any individual who wanted to perform a piece of music, but ended up acquiring all sorts of various performing methods. Each year threw themselves into the evening, rather daunting for the IVth formers, slightly more relaxed for the LVth, and perhaps too comfortable for some of the member of the LVIth.

Abi Frett started off the evening with, as wonderfully stated by our very own presenter Scarlett Rudd, ‘Don’t cry for me… Argentina’. Abi’s beautifully confident rendition got everyone mouthing along the words and her stance reminded me of the confidence of Eva Perón herself. We then had a wonderfully relaxing Jazz Saxophone piece from Lauren Beech. She really transported us to ‘Cantaloupe Island’ and for a moment we forgot about the horrible rainy weather outside. Nancy then complimented the Jazzy theme Lauren had previously set singing with poise and purpose ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’. Hebe then reminded us of the reason House music is put on, her sophisticated and elegant performance of ‘Traumerei’ created utter silence in the common room, something which is a very rare occurrence. Ellie then kicked off the more modern music singing ‘People Help The People’. I personally thought she gave the original singer Birdy a run for her money and it was beautifully complimented by Charlotte Tristem on the piano. Kate Brockman then took to the stage with her trombone showing off her clear musicianship with a quietly confident rendition of ‘Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off’. The words ‘tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to’ were running through my head for the rest of the evening. Then to finish off the first half came the comedic duo of Emily Wolley and I. After changing my programme 24 hours before the show Emily gallantly stepped up to play the drums only half an hour before, using two pencils as drum sticks – very authentic!

Finally the interval had come and everyone stuffed their faces with appropriately pink cupcakes and lemonade, whilst screaming at the top of their lungs the lyrics to ‘Call Me Maybe’ and dancing around. Even those who didn’t get to perform had a good sing song before the night was through.

Emma Wallis came in as the reliable representative of the absent UVIth to play ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ on the flute. Her beautiful performance really reminded me of the professional on the official soundtrack; it was played in such great spirit and with such stunning musicianship. Sophia Ambrose then took to the stage extremely bravely to showcase the debut of her own song ‘Multi-tasking Girl’. In the final verse she decided to let the house join in and with such a catchy song even those who didn’t know the song before were familiar with the lyrics at the end. Potentially the most anticipated event of the night came when Rachel Lubbock and Livi Burgon (probably the most inappropriate names for their ultra-egos) came to the stage to perform their Rap. With well known songs from Soldier Boy and Rebecca Black they made it their own and commanded the stage, even through the encore they were asked to perform at the end of the night. Megan Batchelor was the final act to take to the stage and she didn’t disappoint. From her intricate details to her resonant vibrato she commanded the stage like a queen and had everyone completely captivated by her confidence and charm.

Finally the night was tipped off by a surprise put together by the LVIth girls who performed ‘Funk de Funk’. The surprise element came not only when we entered in Lab Coats but when we turned around to perform our horrific moves in masks of Mrs Neill and Mrs Burns. This topped off such a special year in West and summarised the great house spirit which is ever present.

Thanks go to Hebe Westcott for organising the evening and Mr Saxel for all his dedication and hard work proving he will be a great ‘house daddy’ next year!

Izzie Simpkin
LVI, West

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