Religion & Philosophy

The study of Religion and Philosophy entails the intellectual exploration of the beliefs and theories that have played a vital role in shaping our society and culture over the centuries.

Human beings are engaged in a search for meaning and truth; studying this course will give you an opportunity to examine some of the answers to life’s fundamental questions and to examine them in a critical and academic manner; gaining an appreciation of religious and cultural diversity.

Lower School

Upper School

Trips & Events

Each year we take the Upper Sixth to Peter Vardy’s Candle Conference, either in London or Oxford. This is a very good revision opportunity and is excellent preparation for the exam. We also hope to run a trip to the British museum in London, as well as a Lower School trip to a local mosque.

Beyond School

Many people ask what taking Religion and Philosophy at A Level can lead to. Well, the reality is, just about anything! Universities consider the subject as a rigorous academic A Level that requires excellent analytical skills, ability to communicate ideas and an openness and willingness to discuss important issues.

A degree in Philosophy, Religious Studies or Theology will equip students for fast-track management training programmes with major companies as well as any number of employment opportunities including business, politics, accounting and finance, teaching and lecturing, social work, the armed forces, the police and medicine. The course suits anyone with an enquiring mind and openness about the world around them. There will be lots of opportunities to discuss and debate challenging issues.

Head of Religion & Philosophy

Brett Hopcroft

Head of Religion and Philosophy