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  • 5 January 2012

Sixth Form Monday Night Football

Round 1 East v North The opening game promised an exciting affair and it did not disappoint. The favourites, East, were in…

Round 1

East v North
The opening game promised an exciting affair and it did not disappoint. The favourites, East, were in fine form as the majority of their team already had one year’s experience at this level. From early on, East had a 2-0 cushion and continued to pile the pressure onto North, who managed to deal with it well. With East demonstrating class in the ‘pass and move’ philosophy North found it too much to deal with and the end result was: East 5 – 0 North.

Loveday v Cubitt
The other game in round one was one of high class. Both sides fielded strong sides in what proved to be a physical encounter, with the score at 1-1 for the vast majority of the game as neither side seemed able to break the other down. Loveday eventually found the breakthrough with some precise passing and finishing to make it 2-1, the gap was eventually widened when Loveday hit a screamer into the top corner which left keeper Pete Westcott, who had a fine game, with no chance. The end result: Loveday 3 – 1 Cubitt.

Round 2

East v Loveday
The winners where due to play each other in the next round in what seemed to be a pivotal match. East got out of the blocks quickly, pressuring Loveday, and forcing some mistakes which led to a couple of early goals. The tie then evened out and Loveday played some fine attacking football but they could not find the back of the East net. Both teams managed to keep possession well and started to make inroads into the other team’s defences. With five minutes to go, up stepped Harry Elrington to hammer the ball home from 10 yards, with a ferociously hit shot, which left the Loveday keeper with no chance, the game ended: East 3 – 0 Loveday.

West v South
The eagerly anticipated fixture featuring both female houses, which surprisingly drew the biggest crowd! After TIMW had quickly gone over the basic rules the game began. West appeared to have the edge with the majority of play being played in the South half but South defended with numbers and managed to keep the ball out of their net. Unfortunately for South the second half continued in much the same way, and West eventually found a way to score on the counter-attack just before the final whistle, final score: South 0 – 1 West.

North v Cubitt
North were out to prove a point in this fixture not wanting to lose two matches on the bounce, as were Cubitt. It was a physical game, with some questionable tackles flying in, but Cubitt managed to take an early lead and it stayed that way until half time. North eventually pulled their game out and started to play the way they are capable of; soon they had the ball in the net, they continued to press and would of had another soon after, if it was not for Pete Westcott who was again playing really well. However, North pressure seemed too much and they eventually had the ball in the net again, final score: North 2 – 1 Cubitt.

Round 3

North v Loveday
Both teams had the opportunity to try and apply some pressure to the top of the table (East) before they played their final game. The game started off with a quick tempo, and if Loveday’s finishing had been just a little better they would have had an early lead, but Loveday managed to get to half time 2 – 1 up. North upped their game in the second half and they scored two good goals, but Loveday scored the equalizer just before full time, and so it went to penalties. Penalties went by with not any problems until the last kick, with North up 5 – 4, it was score or lose. Loveday stepped up, but unfortunately hit a little bit under the ball and it hit the crossbar. Final score: North 3 – 3 Loveday (North win 5-4 on penalties).

East v Cubitt
East went into this game knowing that a draw or a win would see them take the title. This I think affected their performance; they took an early lead through a combination between George Black and Henry Lamont, but Cubitt were soon level. They even took the lead and left East staring down the barrel of defeat, but they bounced back and where level before the break. Cubitt continued to pile on the pressure with CHDB taking a cheeky left footed shot, but this was deftly saved by the East keeper. The final whistle blew and East had managed to do enough to take the title, final score: East 2 – 2 Cubitt.

Michael Dolman
UVI East

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