• 19 October 2022

New Cadets Affiliated With Royal British Legion

Last year the CCF became the first School to affiliate to the Royal British Legion (RBL). This partnership has proven to be…

Last year the CCF became the first School to affiliate to the Royal British Legion (RBL). This partnership has proven to be a great success. Last November 120 Cranleigh School Cadets marched through Cranleigh village on Remembrance Sunday. In addition to this we provided a banner party, bugler and wreaths at 3 Falkland 40th year anniversary services in Aldershot, Brookwood cemeteries and at the Cranleigh Village War Memorial.


We supplied bagpipes and trumpet for Cranleigh’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations for Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The girls were privileged to provide the escort to laying down of the Cranleigh ladies Royal Standard. Cadets also took on various tasks as part of their Duke of Edinburgh volunteering section, litter picking at the Village War Memorial, for example.


This year we invited the branch to affiliate the new Cadets. The afternoon started with Nigel Warren-Green and the Chairman, Trevor Cobby speaking to the whole Contingent and thanking them for their support of the last year.


The recruits then filed into the music hall where the CCF and RBL Standards were on parade.


The Branch Committee took up positions at the front of the hall. CSM Ned W. who has been appointed into the new CCF role as Chairman’s Cadet hosted the afternoon and invited Nigel to speak to the Cadets about the role of the RBL and the importance of the Cadet affiliation.


Nigel showed a picture of the CCF on Summer Camp in 1914. This photo can be seen on the wall outside Chapel. The camp was cut short however, as war broke out. Twenty-five Cadets in the photo did not return. Ned asked five Cadets to stand up while Nigel read from a report from The Cranleighan. The Senior Prefect, the Captain of the 1st XI and so on. As he read out the report he asked individual cadets to sit back down as he cross referenced the records of those that had fallen in battles. These visual displays certainly struck a cord with the Cadets.


Mark Kersley (a veteran of every conflict from Northern Ireland to Afghanistan) presented a trophy with the statue of Cpl Rouke, a medic in Afghanistan. This will be used as the inter Platoon annual trophy made up from events throughout the year. First up is the Lower Fifth Drill competition.


The Cadets were presented a RBL badge to proudly wear on their uniforms. Nigel explained this was not just a badge but a symbol of Remembrance passed onto the new generation.


Ned said some lovely words about how important it is for the Contingent to do themselves proud on Remembrance Sunday as the Cadets will be representing all the veterans and families of fallen Soldiers watching.


Mr Boddington closed the ceremony by thanking the RBL and more importantly the cadets themselves.

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