As part of the affiliated House Play, Loveday and Rhodes put on #YOLO by Matthew Bulgo this Michaelmas term 2021. Every emotion was put into this play and there was a perfect balance between grief and comedy. The play, all about a boy who has just had a summer filled with fun and games is about to go to uni. He then finds out he has a brain tumour which could impact his life massively. Left with this alone, he has to work out a way to tell his sister and friends. Jack has never appreciated or lived life properly and is forced to deal with adult choices.

From the beginning we were captured by the songs and dancing from Jack and although the set was simple, we were able to tell exactly where he was. They experienced technical difficulties on the last night as the projector stopped working but they were able to continue with the production and I didn’t feel any need for it as the storytelling was so clear.

There was still COVID travelling around the world unfortunately, so they experienced a member of the cast, George playing Daf, testing positive. Despite this, Freddy was able to step in as well as co-directing. You wouldn’t have known the quick change as he picked up the lines and acted perfectly with the rest of the cast. 

The dynamics between the actors were amazing and together they were hilarious. Although the play was about a terrible illness, we were able to cry with laughter at them all. #YOLO showed true friendship between the characters and at the end, it was heart-warming to see them all come together to be with Jack and just sit in silence to comfort him in the last scene.

The play was performed in the round in the Vivian Cox Theatre (VCT).