On Friday 27th September 12 Cadets from the CCF volunteered to attend a STEM careers fair at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. After long traffic jam up the A31 we finally made it to the premier leadership academy with time to spare. We met in Churchill Hall and watched informative videos about the variety of jobs the Army has to offer, and how these jobs are easily transferable into the real world. The attendees were briefed on the day and we moved to the parade square in front of Old College to visit over 50 stands with a mixture of Military and civilian STEM based employers. We took a few photos in front of an Apache helicopter and went on to talk the Royal Signals and tried some of the equipment which ended with Alex cracking his phone under the weight of a Bergen which was packed full of all the equipment needed to survive in the field for two weeks.  

The events were halted for a while as the area was cleared for the Princess Royal who was visiting the day. Our STEM workshop was run by a water purification company who demonstrated how a worldwide scheme was helping to raise awareness for countries with poor water quality. We then went and visited the rest of the stands and learnt all about military careers and other careers that military skills can be transferable into. The final stand of the day was with the Royal Logistics Corps, the Officers talked about military operations and a bomb disposal robot that made Mr Reed very happy to see people taking interest into Design Engineering. The day was very useful, not only for people who are interested in joining the army, but for many of us who are unsure of what jobs are out there in the real world.

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