On the 23rd October the Contingent were deployed to Kent and took over a farm complex on an Army training area for our CCF Field Day.

The first lessons saw the Senior Cadets explain the Operational Ration Pack (ORP), and all prepared their evening meal before the evening exercise.

After a full set of tactical orders, the exercise consisted of sections lead by seniors, to navigate around the area. Intelligence had told us that the enemy had been using dead letter drops to pass on information. The mission was to find the locations and radio through to HQ codes found in them. This put into practice the skills learned on the signals course ran in School. The enemy were in the area and ambushed the Cadets using blank ammunition. Points were awarded for finding the locations, sending and receiving the codes, as well as answering a riddle. Points were deducted for getting ambushed or returning to HQ after the given time.

All the sections did really well with 3 section winning the exercise.

The following day Cadets took part in a round robin of stands which consisted of navigation, camouflage and concealment, hand signals, moving with and without a rifle, observation, and blank firing battle lessons.

All got a lot out of the field day thanks to the Senior Cadets and staff that put a load of time and effort into preparing the lessons.

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