Cranleigh hosted a full day of Anti-Bullying training for pupils from a range of local schools.

With training from the Diana Trust, our pupils and others learned a range of techniques to help them foster a culture at School that doesn’t allow such behaviour to exist.

Pupils will be putting their training to good use when they talk to others about speaking up and breaking the bystander mentality.

Kasim S., who took part in the training, said

It was an educational experience which we all learnt something from. For example one in two people have experienced bullying behaviour. In addition we learnt the correct terminology around the subject which has now been incorporated into our school policy, this being perpetrator rather than “bully” therefore not labelling the pupil and showing they are capable of change.

We will be running lectures to the lower school beginning in week 4 to teach them what we learnt and to encourage a safe environment for everyone all around School.