Music Technology

Music Technology resides within the Music Department and is intertwined with almost all aspects of music performance and production at Cranleigh. It provides students with a unique and immersive experience in music production, recording, and sound engineering. The subject offers a dynamic blend of creativity and technology, allowing students to explore their passion for music while developing essential skills in audio engineering and production.

At Cranleigh, we have exceptional facilities and equipment. Our dedicated recording studio and classrooms are equipped with the latest industry-standard hardware and software, ensuring that students have access to professional tools and technology they would expect to work with beyond school. In addition to our outstanding facilities and expert instruction, our Music Technology and Contemporary Music department offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities and performance opportunities. Students can participate in bands, ensembles, and recording sessions, collaborating with their peers and gaining invaluable real-world experience in music production and performance.

Lower School

Upper School

Beyond School

This course opens up a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the music industry and beyond. Graduates can pursue careers as music producers, sound engineers for live music/theatre, sound designers, music programmers, film music composers and podcasters. Additionally, the skills acquired during this course are highly transferable and can be applied to other creative industries such as film, television, and video game production.